Justice Girl:Infinite Attack!

4.9 ( 7429 ratings )
Ігри Бойовики Аркади
Розробник: sungwoo kim
1.99 USD


In a dark age of villains,

one day, a police officers sister leaves a letter and she disappears.

The police officer desperately goes seeking her sister.

"I really want to find her..."

Then, the policewoman from Violent Crimes Division begins a dangerous adventure to find her missing sister.

[How to play (the game)]

-Finish each stage and get clues.
-Use the right/left hitting buttons and defeat villains.
-You have to play within the attacking range. Dont make a Miss!
-At Bonus Stage (of the game), you can get coins.
-Repeat Combo. Then, the button in the center becomes activated.
With 4 Combos, push the button and use Shield item. From 8 Combos, if you push the button at each Combo, you can use All-Kill item.
- If you need more coin, you can get more coin through Bonus Game.
- You can get a clue only when defeating boss.

[Projected Update]

- More characters and illustrations will be added.

- More villains and game modes will be added.

- Please support our indie game developers!


- https://game.nanoo.so/justice

[sound ]

- SoundHolicK
- site : http://blog.naver.com/soundholick